Special Romantic Moonlight Stroll Through The Gardens

Enter a room full of stars and a spectacular display of mystical glimmers of lights displayed in a backyard garden. Be amazed as you stand there listening to the water cascading over the rocks. A light show of all the colors of the rainbow brings the water to life! In the background you can hear the creatures of the night serenade you to a tranquil state of mind.

Everything you want your own backyard oasis to be.

Discuss details of how you can re-create this marvel with one of our local Landscapers.

Mark Viette returns by popular demand

MarkHeadShot2EMark Viette  grew up in a three generation family of innovative American gardeners, dedicated to make the art and science of gardening available to the general public. Graduating Virginia Tech with a degree in Horticulture in 1980,  Mark set his sights on the University of California Riverside to study tissue culture of the plant world. From there, he joined his parents at the Viette Farm and Nursery in Virginia. Now with 29 years of breeding and plantsmanship, Mark co-hosts the radio call-in show, “In the Garden with Andre Viette”, heard on WSBA  Saturday Mornings from 8-11 AM. Ever eager to learn more, Mark is producer of more than 800 video garden segments on broadcast TV  many of which are on You Tube. An instructor for ten different horticultural courses at Blue Ridge Community College in Virginia, Mark is a renowned lecturer throughout the United States. He has authored several garden books and serves as Director of Marketing and Sales at Viette Nurseries. In his off time, you can find Mark hybridizing new plants and searching the world for  new plants that are long-blooming, disease and insect resistant.